Darline Ntankeu Kenne is a young entrepreneur with a 5 years-experience in entrepreneurship and coaching. After an engineering degree in agro industrial food processes in Cameroon, her passion for rural development and agriculture-based leadership led her to launching her personal pineapple farm and cassava farm; and she is currently launching a fruit juice enterprise.

She works with local communities through NGOs and has locally led the implementation of several projects through those NGOs. In addition; she is getting renowned as a brilliant and efficient events’ organizer and planner (training seminars, conferences, workshops, fairs for the benefit of her community). She is currently the national coordinator of the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN), an entrepreneurship innovation-based, experimental learning incubator, with exceptionally talented youth at the helm.

Mrs Kenne has worked as a consultant with IFAD for the design of a project aiming at training and funding youths’ agribusinesses. She is also a talented moderator and has moderated conferences and workshops organized by IFAD on the national and international forefront.

She currently holds the position of Assistant Director of the Creating Opportunities for Rural Youth
(CORY) project; an important IFAD partly funded project which is being implemented in 4 African countries.