Dr. P. Soman is Senior Vice President of Projects, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. in India, the world’s largest drip irrigation company. He has a Ph. D from Reading University, UK in Crop water -Stress Physiology and has been with ICRISAT, (International Crops research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics) as a senior researcher. He researched in India and West and Southern Africa. He is the Principal Agronomist of Jain irrigation, with Global reach, in charge for technology development and extension and training. He is involved in farmer training and capacity building in all the states in India and countries overseas. He takes lead in Jain’s work on developing and commercialization of high-tech crop production practices for a variety of crops like sugarcane, rice, wheat,vegetables etc. He travels to all continents and provide technical support for projects implemented by Jain Irrigation. He has several scientific papers published in International Agriculture journals. In Africa, he has worked in West, East and Southern African countries.