Bertin Dakouo is founder and Managing Partner of Fété Impact Development, a training and advisory firm. He has 10 year experience in marketing, project management, governance and journalism. He delivered services to numerous local and international NGOs, International Organization including USAID, Rockefeller Foundation, International Finance Corporation (IFC), UNICEF, UNESCO, UN Habitat, UN Women, UNOPS, ECOWAS, IRCT, Samsung, Nestlé…

Bertin Dakouo provides consulting services in advocacy, communication, women empowerment, child protection, youth employment, education, decentralization, agriculture and economic development. He is leading the impact assessment of crisis and natural disasters on Malian education system toward the design of 2016-2026 education strategy plan. He also creates access to market for 13 rural women organizations to strengthen their economic development. Bertin Dakouo played major role in peace agreement process in Mali by building capacities of social society organizations to better understand the pros and cons.

Social engaged, Bertin Dakouo is a youth employment activist. He initiated in 2013 in Mali a youth capacity building project that delivers to youth led organizations, training and coaching to empower them. He also implements a project to supports youth already involved in entrepreneurship to growth their business and another project that aims to prepare those planning to start their own business.

Bertin Dakouo held a Master degree in Business Administration from CESAG in 2011 and a Master in Literature from University of Bamako in 2008.