I can often be best described as a worker. Simple as that, a worker, a doer a visionary. Humble yet proud I have always tried to fulfill my ultimate dream of making a positive impact on the world. Upon my completion of my education in St. Lucia, I attended Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario majoring in Economics. Equipped with my bachelors degree I was secured a position at a financial institution as financial advisor. I never made it into work, instead I came back to St. Lucia where I decided to stay and work in the family business. Over the last five years i helped to develop the family business to reach new levels of business by the addition of retail products and a more effective service. I have also worked with many agro processors in product development and marketing. I have designed labels for over 10 different products including coconut water, peanut punches, rum punches and a number of confectionary products. As of January 2016, I completed four more labels for the production of more local products.This project funded by the European Union and the products are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2016.  

Noticing a need for tree crops in St. Lucia, specifically Christmas trees, I started a tree farm with over 200 plants due to be sold in December 2016. I am also a photographer, videographer and an avid sport shooter. In my spare time I always give back to society in any way that I can. Most recently on June 1st, I chaired the planning of St. Lucia’s biggest charity walk entitled “Walk 4 A Cause 2015” for the World Paediatric Project raising over $20,000 US Dollars. I do enjoy keeping active as I can be found i the gym, taking parts in triathlons and other sporting events. I envision a better world for all – more health, more happiness and more love.