Mohamed studied the field of business but his passion to help people get where they want to go and assist them in becoming more resourceful is what landed him in the social sector . Throughout his 6 year career with civil society has led him to familiarize and possess in-depth understanding of social core predicaments in the community that undermine the growth and development. Mohamed has developed strategies that played an integral role in empowering vulnerable IDPs in Banadir Region and he has built a good reputation in the community he served. Mohamed is also a member of Board of Directors for GYIN-Somalia chapter and he was among the key members that dedicated their time and energy to avail the chapter in Somalia, he marshaled substantial support from youth networks and from the community he worked with.    

He always devoted his time in championing youth empowerment, he lobbied projects that created job opportunities for youth this includes empowering youth through vocational training skills. During his tenure with SAFID organization he managed to convenience the organization to give paramount priority to youth programs as a means of social economic development for youth and enhance security and peace efforts in Somalia. It’s through this determination and hard work that enable the organization to implement successful vocation training project for youth groups in Somalia and obtain a partnership with youth supporting organizations such as Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN). Upon identifying key issues, he solves problems while embracing change by fostering commitment, team spirit, pride, trust, and group identity.