Zuwa Matondo is the President & Founder of Gov-Enhance Africa. Gov-Enhance Africa is an organization that provides a platform for Africa’s Young Policy Thinkers and Governance Innovators to (1) provide policy alternatives to decision-makers and (2) engage in capacity building initiatives that enhance the efficacy of existing system frameworks for governments to better deliver basic services to their citizens. 

At McGill University (Canada) Zuwa earned a BA in Political Science & Int’l Development Studies and also earned both Common Law and Civil Law degrees. He has worked at both an American international firm and a top ranked Canadian national law firm he was engaged in complex multi-jurisdictional business transactions, litigation matters and in-depth government policy analysis. Zuwa’s work has spanned sectors including mining, renewable energy, project finance, infrastructure, international trade and foreign investment.

This young Zimbabwean is passionate about the efficient operation of government to deliver basic services to its citizens and in particular advancing the integration of young Africans into governance leadership and decision-making structures. Young Africans can have an integral and leading role to inspire visionary policy that is delivered through dynamic governance to achieve an environment that empowers African citizenry.